• School City of Hobart's Vision & Technology Goals

    The School City of Hobart Community will foster intellectual curiosity, natural abilities, critical thinking, and literacy in students while developing respectful and responsible citizens who are excited about the challenges of tomorrow, confident in their ability to chart the future, and dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning.
    As the world is a place where our knowledge base is constantly changing and expanding, the School City of Hobart looks into its classrooms and envisions all student actively engaged in learning activities that permit knowledge construction by new means of instructional delivery.  These include students having unlimited access to online databases, sharing experimental work with others at home or abroad, viewing an animation and utilizing tools to conduct experiments and analyze the visual data to form theories of problems and possible solutions, video-conferencing with a group of scientists, or actively experiencing history through virtual reality.  Teacher-centered, textbook-oriented education was a great invention in its era, but it served us when the world’s body of knowledge seemed relatively fixed and the pace of discovery was measured with predictable cadence.  As this model of the world recedes further and faster into an almost quaint past, we cannot allow our education system to fail us now!

    We believe that educational technology provides us the opportunity to prepare young people with the skills to seek out, analyze, and synthesize information to help ensure productivity in an information age.  We further believe that technology allows our staff to become facilitators of learning in a student-centered environment.

    The technology goals support the district's vision and mission and the technology team works diligently to see them through. We strive to provide students a learning environment that promotes opportunities for them to be independent researchers, critical thinkers, problem-solvers, creators of knowledge, information seekers, effective communicators, technologists, and responsible citizens.  The actions and roles of teachers and students in the classrooms that must be present in classrooms to achieve these types of outcomes come from evolving uses of technology that are embedded in relevant, real-life tasks.  To do this, we provide technology hardware and network services necessary for staff and students to be successful and to prepare students with 21st century skills for life and the workplace.
    View the School City of Hobart 3-year Technology Plan here
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