• Digital Portfolios

    All students at Hobart High School have a framework portfolio template in Google Sites to use to plan, develop and publish their own professional digital portfolio.  Each student also has a personal domain (ex., johndoe.brickies.me) that can be used to publish finished work to the web to help create a personal "brand" and a positive digital footprint.
    The Digital Portfolio MyBigCampus group is now closed. Complete step-by-step instructions as well as tutorials and tip sheets will be available soon in Google Classroom. Students can collaborate and ask questions in the group, and work with peers, teachers, and college and career coaches.
    Check out the SCOHCast at the bottom of the page and let high school student Rebecca introduce you to her Hobart Digital Portfolio!
    Digital Portfolio Student Introduction

    Your digital portfolio is part of your digital “Brand,” your professional online self that identifies who you are as a digital citizen, a unique person, and a responsible user. This piece of your online self should showcase your competencies in academic studies, artistic and athletic abilities, service and work ethics, and honors and awards, and should place you in a position of confidence to meet with college or career leaders as you move beyond high school into college and careers. Each page of your portfolio should present information or artifacts that promote your “Brand” and tell viewers who you are and what they can expect from you.
    Within the digital portfolio, you will have the opportunity to share your resume and transcripts (though not required), which will help you get your information to more colleges and employers easily. You can also post images and videos of honors and awards, documents of works you have completed, and anything else that you’d like to help you stand out.
    Your Domain

    You are receiving your very own domain with your digital portfolio that you can use to advertise your “Brand” to colleges and employers and anyone else you want. It is important to create a positive images of your ‘self’ online, and creating your professional “Brand” with your own domain is a great way to start. Your domain will be your full name – firstmiddlelast.brickies.me
    Example: johnathandavidsmith.brickies.me
    Typing the above URL in a web browser address bar would take you to Johnathan’s digital portfolio once he has completed it and made it public.
    Download the latest
    version of Adobe Acrobat
    to view some of these files.