• Biology I provides, through regular laboratory and field investigations, a study of the structures and functions of living organisms and their interactions with their environment.  At a minimum, this study explores the functions and processes of cells, tissues, organs, and systems within various species of living organisms and the roles and interdependences of organisms within populations, communities, ecosystems, and the biosphere.  Students have opportunities to: 1-gain an understanding of the history of the development of biological knowledge, 2-explore the use of biology in various careers, and 3- investigate biological questions and problems related to personal needs and social issues.
    This is a core 40 course.
                 SEMESTER 1                                          SEMESTER 2                             
    Cell Webquest                                                     Mitosis Web Activity                                                  
    Virtual Cell WS                                                    Meiosis Internet Activity          
    Levels of Organization 1                                                                                                              



    Study Guide for Bio I ECA test