• Welcome to the Guidance Department!

    The Guidance Office offers the following services to HMS families:

    CONFERENCES-Parents are encouraged to call for conferences with teachers and counselors.  The guidance office can help to coordinate a team meeting if necessary.
    INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING-School counselors and Home-School Coordinators are available throughout the day to listen and respond if students need help solving a problem or dealing with special concerns.  We respond to in-the-moment crises as needed, and can be helpful with issues that interfere significantly with school through brief counseling/regular visits.  However, for more intense therapeutic care, families should seek professional counseling outside the school day.  HMS also cooperates with local counseling agencies that work with young adolescents.
    GROUPS-As needed, counselors and home-school coordinators provide small group experiences for students who can benefit from interaction with other students in a confidential setting.  Possible topics for groups include anger, loss, friendship, conflict management, assertiveness skills, self-esteem, and problem-solving.
    RESOURCES-The guidance office may also be consulted for information resources.  We offer information to parents, teachers, students, and others about family issues, study skills, career paths, etc.
    MID-TERM GRADE PRINTOUT-In cases when parents do not have Internet access or have special circumstances requiring a printed grade report, parents can request a printout from the guidance office.  Printouts can be mailed (if parents supply stamped, self-addressed envelopes), or hand-delivered to the student.  To request this service, parents or guardians must call the guidance office at (219)942-8541.  A written request will also be accepted: HMS 36 E. 8th St. Hobart, IN 46342