• How does the Patriot Club work?

    Negative Reinforcement:

    If a student is disruptive or does not bring the required materials to class, the student will have to sign the infraction sheet and signify which infraction they committed.  These strikes carry throughout the student’s classes for the entire week.  As infractions add up, the teachers take the following steps:

    1 strike: 1st warning

    2 strikes: 2nd warning

    3 strikes: An alert letter is sent home to notify the parent of the problem.

    4 strikes: The student is given a block detention and a letter is sent home

      to notify the parent of the detention.

    5 strikes: Office Referral

    Further strikes will be dealt with on an individual basis.

    Every week the students will have a fresh start as they return back to zero strikes.

    Positive Reinforcement:

    Students who do not receive a single strike throughout the week will receive “Brickie Bucks”.  “Brickie Bucks” are a school-wide reward system.  These “Brickie Bucks” can be used to purchase prizes, enter raffles, get into after-school activities, and even buy classroom supplies.

    The students who do not receive a strike throughout the whole nine-week period will be invited to join us at a special meal during their lunchtime.