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    Did you know that every school in the School City of Hobart is accredited by AdvancED (formerly NCA)?

    AdvancED challenges schools to prepare all students for success as they move from home to school to higher education and/or careers.

    To achieve accreditation, schools must meet AdvancED's high standards, be evaluated by a team of professionals from outside the school, and implement a continuous school improvement plan focused on increasing student performance.  The accreditation process is quite rigorous.  We are proud of our accredited schools, their dedication to the evaluation process, and their ongoing pursuit of quality and excellence in education.

    We are focused on raising student achievement, providing a safe and enriching learning environment, and maintaining efficient and effective operations staffed by highly qualified educators. District accreditation is an assurance that the schools are meeting regionally and nationally accepted standards for quality and success. 
    School City of Hobart District Accreditation Awards
    3/17/08 - District Accreditation Award
    Dr. Mark Elgart, President/CEO of AdvancED, stated, District Accreditation is a rigorous process that focuses the entire school system on the primary goal of creating lifelong learners. School City of Hobart is to be commended for engaging in this process and demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement. In 2008, Dr. Elgart presented the district with an award at the annual conference on March 17th in Chicago. He noted that there were over 10,000 district applicants and 31 districts were awarded with district accreditation this year.
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    How can you get involved?

    Become informed.

    • Talk with a central office administrator or your school principal about accreditation and school improvement efforts.
    • 942-8885


    • Volunteer to assist the district, school administration and faculty with school improvement efforts by becoming part of an AdvancED team.


    Contact Us.

    • There is an administration directory on this web site.  Please email a central office administrator or your school principal.


    Learn More.

    • To learn more about AdvancED accreditation, visit http://www.advanc-ed.org/, or talk with staff from the AdvancED state office at (800) 468-7405.

     Thank you in advance for your sense of community and pride in our schools!