• Welcome!

    I am happy that you are a part of my U.S. History class. I will treat you with respect and work hard every day to teach you and help you have a great 8th grade year. Listed below are requirements to help you be successful.


    Rules and Procedures:

    1. Be on time and be prepared.
    2. Be respectful of everyone and their property.
    3. Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.
    4. Stay in your seat unless I give you permission to get up.
    5. Keep your teacher happy!


    Class Supplies:

    • Loose Leaf Paper
    • Pencil or Pen (Blue or Black only)
    • Colored Pencils
    • Planner
    • Charged Chromebook
    • Positive Attitude


    Grading Scale:

    90-100%              A

    80-89%                B

    70-79%                C

    60-69%                D

    59% and below     F




    Take responsibility for everything you do.


    • Written on the board each day.
    • Must be written in your planner at the start of class.
    • Must be taken home to finish if necessary.
    • May turn in for full credit after an absence; half credit thereafter.


    You are responsible for making up your missed work. Missed assignments will be found in the make-up work drawer. The missed assignments must be copied into your student planner. You will have as many days to make up any work (tests and quizzes included) as you missed. When completed, turn your work into the makeup tray and tell me you are turning it in.

    This is your responsibility; I will not ask you for it!

    My Mission:

    I will strive to influence my students by being a positive role model, knowledgeable teacher, and caring adult.

    I will inspire them daily by sharing my passion for learning, while nurturing excitement and participation to assist each student’s growth toward becoming productive members of the world community.

Last Modified on November 7, 2017