• RePatriotism Detention

    Name: __________________________________________  Date:5-24-2011_____

    You are to serve a Patriot Penitentiary Detention on Wednesday 5-25-2011__ from 2:20 – 2:50 pm.  You will have a fresh start next week to make the Patriot Club.  Failure to show for this detention will result in an office referral.  Have this paper signed and returned to  Mr. Wells on the next school day.  Detention will be served in_         room_ You received the following four infractions for this week:


    ____ Disrespect
    ____ Out of seat
    ____ Talking
    ____ Off task
    ____ Nonverbal communication
    ____ Horseplay


    ____ No pencil or no pen
    ____ No binder/ notebook
    ____ No textbook
    ____ No reading book
    ____ No agenda


    ____ Homework unfinished/ not started

    ____ Homework in locker

    ____ Paul Revere’s Ride alert not returned