• Compass Learning Odyssey
    Compass learning Odyssey is a website the School City of Hobart subscribes to.  This site takes the results from the students standardized test scores (NWEA test) and places assignments in a "backpack" for the kids.  The assignments in the backpack are selected by the program with the purpose of helping kids who are behind in any area of Math, Science, English, or History.  For example:  if the student failed the section on the standardized test on fractions.  They will have assignments in their backpack that would instruct them how to to fractions.  The student would then be given a practice assignment, if they pass that practice assignment they may move on to a quiz.  However, if they fail either the Quiz or assignment the computer will assign them more instruction.
    In my class, I use a different function of the compass site.  I have the ability to assign my students lessons based on what they are not understanding in my room.  Students can then work on these assignments on their own time.  Once the lesson is finished, my students can retake the quiz/test they did not get an 80% or higher on.  I will then enter the higher score into their grade book.