• Homework for the week!  Week of 11/30-12/2homework

    Language Arts- - In class reading, King Arthur, study guide questions.
    Participle/Particple phrase work in class.
    Social Studies- 5th hour- Review questions pages 139-141 in textbook
    7th hour- Complete Webquest(homework, if not completed in class)
    Language Arts- 3rd hour- Word Web Challenge (due Thurs.), independent reading King Arthur, study guide questions through #14.
    5th hour- Spelling page 74.  Reading in class, King Arthur, complete study guide questions through #14.
    Social Studies- 4th hour- Review for Chapter 5 test tomorrow
    7th hour- Review questions in textbook pages 139-142.
     L. Arts-  Grammar work in class ( gerunds/gerund phrases), Continue working on King Arthur materials.  Unit 9 spelling test tomorrow.
    Word Web Challenge due tomorrow! (3rd hour)
     Social Studies- 5th hour- Chapter 5 test, in class reading "Hebrews"
    7th hour- Review for Chapter test.  Study for test tonight!!

    L.Arts- in class work on prep. phrases.  Continue with King Arthur. 
    Social Studies- Complete worksheet from "Hebrew" reading. In class reading, section 1, Chapter 6.
    7th hour- test, begin "Hebrew" reading.

    I will try to update this site daily. However, your child should be able to explain what needs to be completed for homework each day.  Please check back for an updated homework schedule each day. Thank you!