By Roland Smith

    Table of Contents



    Draw a pictureof what you think of when someone says Africa.



    1           Listof African things

    2          RolandSmith (Personal + Things he wrote)

    3-4                Life Lessons – List lessons taught Jake in theorder they first appear.

                Exactquote – Page # in book – Person who taught lesson

    5          DrawAmulet and explain its importance

    6          DrawKachina and explain its importance

    7          Vocabulary– Swahili (definition and page #)

    8          Vocabulary– English (definition)

    9-10     Themes-- Give 2 examples of each and explain)








    Story Elements


    11-14    Characters (Describe – includeappearance, personality, heritage, relationship to others in story, behavior,change in character during the story, final character, etc.) Find a picture torepresent each.

    11         a. Jake (1 page)

    12         b. Mom (Beth) and Sam

    13         c. Dad (Robert Lansa)

    13         d. Taw

    14         e. Supeet

    15         Setting – Describe these placesas portrayed in the story. What did they look like?

      1. New York (1/4 page)
      2. Africa (3/4 page)

    16-17   Plot (Use diagramor write out)

                a.Exposition (paragraph)

                b.Rising action (20 events)

                c.Climax (paragraph)

                d.Falling action (2-5 events)

                e.Resolution (paragraph)

    18         Conflicts(1 example of each)

    a.     Man vs. man

    b.    Man vs. society

    c.     Man vs. himself

    d.     Man vs. nature

    e.     Man vs. fate (God)

    19         Pointof View (Paragraph that addresses each section)

    a.     From whose point of view is the story told

    b.    Why was the story told from this person’s point ofview?

    c.     How would the story have been different if told bysomeone else?

    20        Tone/Mood(paragraph)

           What kind of mood (overall) does thestory seem to have?

    21         Theme– moral + life lessons

                (3-5Paragraphs – use some of life lessons)





    Each day write down a five to ten sentence summary of what happened thatday. (New sheet each day)


    1.       At the top ofthe page, put a date and page numbers read.

    2.     Write down anythoughts or questions you have as you read.

    3.     Write a five toten sentence summary of what happened that day




    Picture of Africa


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