Every Assignment will have two scores; an Accuracy Score (based on knowledge of subject) and a 4 Point Score:
          4 POINT SCORE:
                4 points – On Time and Complete
                3 points – On Time and Incomplete
                2 points – Late and Complete or NO NAME PAPERS
                1 point – Late and Incomplete
     70% RULE!
        Selected assignments, quizzes, and tests below 70% can be corrected and returned to Mr. Stoelb for a maximum of 70%. Just look for the 70% Rule!
    Absent Procedure
       You will have one day for every day absent to make up work.
       Work that was due the day you missed will be due when you return.
       After being absent, visit the Absent Table before class to pick up an Absent Sheet from the day(s) that you missed. After picking up the sheet, sign your       name to the Absent Log.  
       Turn in any work from when you were absent in the Absent Basket.



    Part of every assignment is to get work turned in on time.  Any day a student chooses not to turn in homework, they will need to turn in a filled out 

    Pink          Slip.




    • All late work will automatically receive 10% off Accuracy Scores and 50% of the 4 Point Scale.

    Turn all Late Work in the Late Basket

       The main work in our HMS Science classrooms will be done in the Science Notebooks.  If you would like to see what and how your child is doing in class, that is a great place to look.  The Notebook Helper on this website is a great place to go to see if each notebook is up to date!
    Notebook Storage:
       Student notebooks can be stored in Mr. Stoelb's notebook cabinet. Mr. Stoelb is not responsible for lost or stolen notebooks! 
Last Modified on August 23, 2011