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     Be respectful
    Be responsible 
     Display good conduct
     Put forward your best effort
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    Class Rules/ Consequences

    I will lead a respectful and well managed classroom. To achieve this, we have five simple rules. As a student, it is YOUR responsibility to follow these rules. If you choose not to follow these rules, then there are consequences. By following this plan, I promise you a year of fairness and endless learning!


    1. Be respectful: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Show respect. For example, not talking when others are talking would be showing respect. Raise your hand! Don’t touch other people or their things. Do not bring your cell phones to class :)
    2. Be responsible: That means arriving on time with ALL materials needed for class (writing utensil, notebook, books). Be prepared! Be on time! You must be in your seat working on the “bell work” when the final bell rings or you are tardy.   If you are tardy: Knock quietly and wait outside the door. Do not disrupt class by banging on the door or looking in the window. When the door is opened for you, apologize for being late (blame it on yourself), give me a pass if you have one, and go to your seat quickly and quietly. You may be asked to come to work center for 5 min every time you are tardy ( including just being up out of your seat)

    Preparation policy: Check the board to be sure you have ALL materials; if you have organization issues see me immediately. You can borrow a pencil in class, but please make sure you return it. You may be sent to your locker to retrieve your materials (taking a tardy). If materials are not in your locker, you will be assigned work center to borrow materials and make up work.

    ·         Late work policy: You can only receive up to 75% on late work, must be turned in the same week it was due. 

          Quality work policy: Work not titled correctly and work done poorly will not be accepted and you will be assigned work center

    Redo Policy: You can improve a grade on a test ( up to 80%, if score was above 80% and you seek improvement, you can earn back ½ the points) up to a week after it is returned.

    1.  Raise your hand: To respond to questions, to take part in class discussions, to get out of your seat for any reason, to ask questions (see procedures)
    2. Display good conduct. No use of profanity/swearing; No whining; No name calling. By not using profanity, you will be showing respect to yourself, classmates, and teacher. Don’t complain or whine about assignments; all that does is promote a negative attitude and I’m all about the positive!
    3. Put forward your best effort: See participation policy and quality work policy. Learning is hard sometimes! Push through it by giving it your best.


    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Rearrangement in classroom and teacher conference with student (action plan)
    3. Teacher assigned LUNCH detention and parent/guardian contact, infraction letter 
    4. Parent conference with teacher
    5. Teacher assigned AFTER SCHOOL detention and parent/guardian contact
    6. Referral to Administration



    1.       Good notes/ calls/ awards

    2.       Whole class rewards: ice cream parties,  pizza, Chinese food, technology (bring your phone day)


    Is this for a grade? Don’t ask, because the answer is YES! Everything we do in class is essential to your reading and writing development. You will turn in something almost every day. Work that is not done with proper effort will be returned and you will be assigned work center.

    It is important that you are here each day if you are healthy. We will do almost all of our work in class. You will receive points toward your final grade for work completed in class as well as your class participation.

    Participation is required: asking and answering questions, reading text out loud, actively listening to teacher instruction, listening to your classmates when they speak, responding to opinions of classmates in a respectful manner, and attempting every task given during class time. 5 points per day

    Homework: your main homework will include reading logs, and occasional spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and writing assignments. You will be asked to show your reading log to me before you enter class each day. If work is not completed, you will be assigned “Lunch detention” to catch up. Don’t forget these late assignments automatically lose points, with a high score of 75%.

    ·         Work Center/ Lunch Detention: Work center takes place during lunch or in some cases after school. You are assigned work center if you are missing work or if you did not turn in acceptable work. You can also attend work center voluntarily if you need extra help, you want to improve a grade on a test ( up to 80%, if score was above 80% and you seek improvement, you can earn back ½ the points), or you want quiet place to do homework or read.

    Papers: You will write a lot in our class. You have 4 major papers. These papers will go through the complete writing process. You will be given class time to work on these papers, but you may be assigned work center if you are having trouble staying on task during class. You will write: a fictional narrative, a cause and effect essay, a research paper, and a persuasive essay. Your best work is expected. You will continue to develop your paper until expectations are met.


    ·         SRI: This test gives you a Lexile measure (a number) that the teachers and administrators use to determine your reading level. This test is very important as it is how we will measure your growth during the year. The SRI is not included in your class grade.

    ·         Progress Tests: After every 3 readings you will take a progress test to assess your understanding of the skills we have been working on in class

    ·         X-Skills: After every workshop (about every 9 weeks) you will take an X-Skills test to assess your understanding of workshop skills.

                   R-Skills: Like X-Skills except students will typically take 2 R-Skills test each 9 weeks 

    ·         Spelling/ Grammar/Vocabulary tests: You will also have tests on your spelling, vocabulary, and grammar skills. 

    Expert 21 Outline / Syllabus 

    Workshop 5:

    Main Idea

    Sequence of Events
    Text Features

    Using Context Clues

    Author’s Purpose

    Grammar/ Writing Spelling

    Progress test 5a

    SRI (not for grade)

    Workshop 6:


     Story Elements

    Making Inferences

    Cause and Effect

    Fables and Morals

    Author’s Style
    Grammar / Writing 

    Progress tests 5b,  6 a, 6b

    X-Skills Test 5 and 6

    Fictional Narrative

    Cause and Effect Essay

    SRI (not for grade)

    Workshop 7:


    Point of View
     Figurative Language
    Drawing Conclusions
    Grammar/ Writing 

    Progress tests 7a, 7b

    X-Skills Test 7

    Research Paper

    SRI (not for grade)

    Workshop 8:

    Fact and Opinion

    Compare and Contrast
    Elements of Poetry
    Cause and Effect
    Grammar / Writing 

    Progress tests 8a, 8b

    X-Skills Test 8

    SRI ( not for grade)



    Read 180 Outline/ Syllabus 

    Workshop 1 and 2

    1st Quarter

    SRI ( not for grade)

    R- Skills test 1 and 2

    Expository Essay

    Narrative Essay


    Workshop 3 and 4

    2nd Quarter


    R Skills test 3 and 4

    Literary analysis

    Expository Essay


    Workshop 5 and 6

    3rd Quarter


    R Skills test 5 and 6


    Literary Analysis


    Workshop 7 and 8

    4th Quarter


    R Skills 7 and 8

    Persuasive Essay

    Descriptive Essay