• Welcome to 6th grade!!
    Class assignments: We do a lot of work IN CLASS, so it is essential that the students are in school if they are able. 

    Homework: 35-40min

    ·        Daily reading log with summary

    ·        Daily short reading passage with questions

    ·        Weekly writing, vocabulary, spelling (occasional spelling tests), or grammar work

    Major papers/ Tests / Quizzes / Projects

    ·        1 main paper per quarter/ several small papers- mostly done in class, may need time at home

    ·        1 major skills test each quarter

    ·        2 progress tests per quarter

    ·        ~3-4 quizzes per quarter

             1 project per quarter  
    We will be doing reading logs every week. I will check these at the door daily.
    Students need to READ READ READ!!! Let's see how many books we can get read this year! 
    Check Skyward for updates on behavior, grades and assignments.
    Tests cannot be redone during class time. If students do poorly on a test or quiz, I will meet with them and they can do a retake during work center only for up to 80% ( Students who received above at 80% but still want to retake are allowed, but can only earn up to 1/2 missing points back).
    Rest assured, we build on skills up until the time a test is taken. Small quizzes and informal assignments will help show progress toward a learning goal. The students and I will be aware of where they need the most help and we will be working individually or in small groups to improve skills daily. 80% is considered mastery of a skill. It will be our goal to see every student reach that level of success!
    ** Students with special needs do have the ability to use their textbook to redo portions of the test, have items read aloud, work in a small group, etc. based on their specific plan
    I do not typically offer extra credit. Students have the ability to gain extra points on essays or assignments where they show understanding and effort beyond what is required.