Northwest Indiana Special Education Co-op (NISEC) has Early Childhood development classrooms at the ELC.  Students in these classrooms are ages 3-5 and participate in full day programming. Referrals for this program may come from First Steps of Indiana, physicians, community agencies and private preschools.  Preschool screenings are conducted throughout the school year to determine eligibility.   The Early Childhood Classrooms offered at the ELC incorporate activities which address communication skills, develop perceptual motor skills, fine and gross motor skills and socialization skills.  Other support services are provided individually within the classroom.  The curriculum targets development of independence in all areas.  As students needs change, services can be added or lessened to support their development.
    based on State and Federal Guidelines
     Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Blind or Low Vision
    Cognitive Disability
    Deaf or Hard of Hearing
    Developmental Delay (Early Childhood)
    Emotional Disability
    Language or Speech Impairment
    Multiple Disabilities
    Other Health Impairment
    Orthopedic Impairment
    Specific Learning Disability
    Traumatic Brain Injury
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