We are the Helping Hands Club of the Early Learning Center at George Earle Elementary.  The students do their personal best to have a positive effect on our community of Hobart.  Throughout the year, we will meet to do different community service projects as well as to meet different members of our community to have a better grasp of what makes a community!  We are proud of where we live and go to school, and we want to make a difference in the lives around us!
    September:  We are off to a great start!  We have 60 amazing kids (30 and 30) who are excited about projects to help their community and to meet people in their community.  The students helped design our Helping Hands Board at school, decorated the boxes to collect items for the soldiers, and even helped make a contract for behavior for all our students.  We also read a story about liking yourself and helping others to like themselves.
    October:   Our community visitor was Officer Simon Gresser and his dog, Scout!  The students learned about Trick or Treat safety, made cards for the soldiers and our bus drivers, and helped organize the items for the soldiers.  The care packages will be organized in the next few weeks, ready to go on Veteran's Day!
    November:   Our soldier unfortunately had other plans, but students focused on what they were thankful for and made a list.  Students also talked about the food drive, how it helps others, and also designed posters for the food drive.  We were very busy!
    December:   This month, we will make a special craft for the food baskets, organize the food, and color pictures for a local nursing home!  We will also donate toys for toys for tots!  THIS MEETING IS EVERYONE ALL TOGETHER ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 18!!!!  3 - 4 pm
     January:  The kids did a great job talking about peace and that what matters is what we do to help others and spread kindness.  Each student created a picture of themselves and made a speech bubble about what they would do to help others.  We will attach these to a picture of the Earth that they made with their hands and display in the lobby to show the amazing things that our kids do each day!
    February:  Thank you for all the donations of $1 to buy soap for the Linden House and local nursing homes.  The students are going to make cards for the residents.  Students will also have the opportunity to make posters to promote our $1 a day themed week in March where students can bring a $1 a day to benefit a family at the ELC that is currently affected by cancer.
    March:  We will learn about recycling, how it is done at our school, and talk about the upcoming April contest among the schools.  The school that collects the most paper recycling in the month of April gets a special banner and recognition at the assembly in May with all the schools.  
    April:  This was one of our favorite meetings!  Mrs. Johnson and her kids came out from Johnson's and helped our kids plant.  We talked about TLC and how planting helps our Earth.  They were also supposed to pass on their flower to someone else to show kindness!
     May:  Thank you again for all your child and your families have done to help with our service projects throughout the year.  We worked very hard to instill the love of helping one another and setting a good example.  The kids were recognized by Dr. Buffington and Yohan, received certificates, and even earned a popcicle for all their hard work!
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