Charlie the Caterpillar is an excellent book to teach the children our turtle technique.  Students learn how to keep their hands and feet to themselves and how to cool down if upset, angry, etc.
    First Grade Tattling vs. Telling is a way for the students to learn the difference between tattling which is to just get others IN trouble vs. telling which is to get others OUT of trouble or dangerous situations.  Students practice this technique through scenario situations, and then, there is a follow-up discussion.
    First Grade Tippy teaches children about safe touch.
    Second Grade Free the Horses is a 10 week positive thinking program that teaches students to think before they act, how thinking is connected to feelings and actions, and how it is important to be a friend to others.  It also addresses name calling issues.
    Third Grade Don't Call Me Names is a video and discussion program on what to do if you are called a name and why no one should call others names.
    Fourth Grade Broken Toyis a powerful video on the possible effects of bullying and why it is important to treat others as people, not objects. 
    Fourth Grade Conflict Management is an 8 week course on resolving conflicts peacefully.
    Fourth Grade Stranger Smart teaches prevention/self-defense tips to keep students safe.
    Fifth Grade Scars is an amazing video that shows what happens to a popular boy who used to be a bully and now finds himself being bullied and called names after a tragic accident.  Discussion follows.
    Fifth Grade Bullying is an 8 week course to teach children correct responses to bullying and ways to be a friend to others.
    Third-Fifth Grade Refusal Skills is a 5-step process that will allow children to say, "No!" to peer pressure while keeping their friends.