• Reading Helps you Climb to the Top


                Hello Parents! We are very excited to embark on this exciting journey: learning to read! A great way to help your child become an eager reader is to be read to and to read with the ones that they love.  They will love to show off the new words that they learn each week and will, as time goes on, be able to read entire stories. We are starting an incentive program called Reading Helps you Climb to the Top.  As you read at home with your children, log the title, author, and date read on the attached form.


    For every 10 books that you read with your child, their own personal monkey will climb up the palm tree until the reach 100 books! As books are recorded, I will initial that they have been counted and move your childs monkey up the graph.  Encourage your child to explore this new frontier of reading by taking trips to the library.  Also, feel free to check out books from my own collection. Once your child reads 100 books, a banana is attached to the monkey and they contine to climb the tree.  Any questions? Feel free to ask!
    Click Here or go to Things to print for reading logs to print.
    monkeyboard                monkey