• The School City of Hobart offers a Full Day Kindergarten Program for ALL students.  This program has many benefits that fit the needs of kindergarteners.  This program is designed to do the following:

    •  Emphasize language development and appropriate pre-literacy experiences daily.
    • Integrates new learning with past experiences through project work and mixed ability grouping.
    • Involves children in first hand experiences and informal interaction with objects, other children, and adults.  
    • Works with parents to share information about their children, to build understanding of parent and teacher roles, to emphasize reading to children in school and at home, and to set the stage for later parent-teacher partnership.   
    • Offers a balance of small group, large group, and individual activities.  
    • Assesses students' progress through class teacher observation and systematic collection and examination of students' work.
    • Develops children's social skills.
    kids on bus