Please be sure to check your child’s red take home folder every night.  Look through the work your child completed.  If you notice your child had difficulty with a particular skill, please practice with him or her at home. REMEMBER: Empty the red folder every night and send it back to school each day. This is our main form of communication.


    Each afternoon your child will color in his or her behavior calendar with how he or she did at school that day.  Please check your child's folder and discuss the color earned with him or her.  All students begin the day on green, "ready to learn."  Purple and pink mean your child did an outstanding job so be sure to celebrate his or her success!
                                                           Purple-Great Job
                                                           Green-Ready to Learn
                                                           Yellow-Slow Down (warning only)
                                                           Orange-Think About It, Lose 1/2 recess
                                                           Red-Loss of recess, parent contact
    Please send your child's pencil pouch back to school every Tuesday to be used in class activities and so we can add new sight words to your child's word ring. We will return the pencil pouch that evening for home practice.  It is very important that you work with your child at home on their letter and number identification and sight word recognition. It is essential to success in kindergarten!


    We have a monthly reading goal of 150 pages.  We will start this in October. New recording sheets come home at the beginning of each month.  Reaching this goal not only helps your child academically, but also earns a free personal pan pizza from Pizza-Hut. So keep up on your home reading and be sure to return the recording sheets at the end of each month!


    Parents!  If you are interested at any time in volunteering for class parties or chaperoning a study trip, stop by the school office immediately to complete the background check and then be placed on our approved volunteer list!  The process takes two weeks from the time you complete the process until your name appears on our approved list, so don’t wait!