• Oh, The Places You'll Go When You READ! hot air balloon
        This is a very exciting time for your Kinder! They are about to embark on a literacy journey, which will open so many doors for their young minds. As they develop into readers, it is so important they are immersed in literature. A great way to help your child become a fluent reader is frequently reading to your child and having conversations about the text. For example, you may discuss the illustrations, characters, setting, story events, favorite parts, author, etc. with your child. As time goes on, your child will be the one reading to you!
       One way we will promote reading in our class is encouraging each child to use a reading log.  As you read at home with your child, log the title and date on the provided reading log (if it's misplaced simply write on a piece of paper). For every 10 books that your child reads (or you read to your child), their personal hot air balloon will travel up our reading board! Once they reach 100, their balloon will earn a sticker, and they will start the graph over again. If your child reaches 1,000 books they will receive a very special classroom visit from our superintendent! Feel free to contact me with any questions and have fun!