The School City of Hobart’s “Bring Your Own Device” plan will allow students and staff the opportunity to bring in their own laptops and/or electronic devices to further aid in the educational process. The goal is to extend and expand anytime, anywhere learning in the school corporation and to help integrate a greater variety of media and technology into learning. The plan will allow students to use familiar technology to grant them quicker, easier access to the information they need to succeed in the classroom.

    BYOD means “Bring Your Own Device.” Specifically, this initiative will allow students to bring any mobile electronic device to school that will allow greater opportunities for learning. The device may be a laptop, netbook, tablet, e-reader, smart phone, or any other device that offers accessibility to information or enables media production.

    The BYOD initiative is not a requirement. Students will continue to have access to corporation owned equipment when they do not have their own, choose not to bring their own, or do not have access to their own device. Students will not be penalized for not bringing their own devices, and corporation owned devices will be available any time technology would benefit the educational process or grant access to needed information.

    Though the School City of Hobart provides a list of requirements and recommendations (see BYOD Requirements/Recommendations), we encourage students and teachers to use “the cloud” in order to prevent being tied to any specific piece of hardware. The cloud allows anytime, anywhere access to files and information regardless of the device you are using. The School City of Hobart uses Google Apps for all student word processing, spreadsheet developing, and presentation making, which is accessible from any Internet-capable device.

    The School City of Hobart is not responsible for the loss, theft, damage, or vandalism to student equipment as well as other student property. Students and parents are strongly encouraged to take appropriate precautions, if students are permitted to have equipment in their possession, to make sure it is not left unattended or unsecured.

    With increasingly available educational information accessible to students through the Internet, teachers must become facilitators of learning, guides who provide access to the information needed for students to achieve. Teachers will have the ability to run “flipped classrooms” where content is acquired and learned outside of the classroom while the work is done in the classroom.

    As the School City of Hobart continues to move forward into the ever-growing, vast digital age, we are determined to keep our students at the front end of the technological movement. The BYOD plan will encourage students to use technology regularly and expand their knowledge. Students will develop skills that will prepare them for their futures in college and in the workplace, and enable them to succeed in a competitive market where these skills are critical.
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