STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics 
Indiana STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Design creates the innovative products and solutions that will propel our economy forward, and artists ask the deep questions about humanity that reveal which way forward actually is. Sustaining arts education is critically important. The School City of Hobart is committed to the multiple intelligences and STEAM! Whether engineering a product, researching medical innovations, creating programs in the Hour of Code, composing music compositions, or designing original art works, the students in Hobart are achieving and paving the way for a successful future. 

STEM in the School City of Hobart:

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Camp Invention 2016
Camp Invention 2015
PLTW - Finalist in the Extreme Redesign Challenge
1st Grade Engineers in Holly Tilford's Class

Hour of Code
Hour of Code in our schools!
Project Lead the Way Boat Race
Project Lead the Way visits Urschel Laboratories
Lego League Invitational
Lego Robotics in Elementary
2nd Graders visit the Challenger Learning Center

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STEM: Jobs and Careers

Periodic Table of STEM Occupations Click here to see the pdf of the Stem chart for occupations. It has careers categorized by industry. Then breaks each down into specific careers, the median salary range and the minimum degree required!

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