• Students get to be the Principal for a day! 

    The Early Learning Center at George Earle is full of all our energetic, entertaining Kindergartners! This is where it begins for all of them, from reading and writing to learning the rights from the wrongs, this is the place where they begin their journey and start to see what an impact they can make in the community and world. This is also where they start to see that hard work does pay off! When a student consistently makes good decisions, they get a chance to be a Principal for the day and follow the footsteps of their own Principal, Mrs. Gutierrez! It is exciting for both the students and staff and a great way to motivate others and see that hard work does pay off! All My Life I Want To Be A Brickie! Work! Work! Work! 

    This little lady proved she is a Brickie, Alexis Turley has worked hard all year and was able to participate in this awesome experience! She helped monitor the halls and lunches, gave the announcements over the speakers and inspired and motivated her classmates! Way to go Alexis!