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    The School City of Hobart
    Welcomes the 2016-2017 New Teachers!

    2016-2017 New Teachers  
    School City of Hobart is a K-12 public school district in Northwest Indiana serving 4,000 students.  School City of Hobart is committed to providing the knowledge, skills and opportunities for our students to compete in an ever changing world.

    We are actively recruiting teachers for all content areas and grade levels! Learn more about becoming a Brickie! Contact us today!

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    The School City of Hobart Community will foster intellectual curiosity, natural abilities, critical thinking, and literacy in students while developing respectful and responsible citizens who are excited about the challenges of tomorrow, confident in their ability to chart the future, and dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning.

    Our Schools Equip Children for Adulthood
    Our Schools Address the Needs of Individual Students
    Our Schools Are Community Schools
    Our Schools Are Committed to Success

    Click here for more information about the School City of Hobart and what we have to offer! 

    Come check us out at a Career Recruitment Fair! Check the calendar to see where our Director of Human Resources will be! 

    Teacher Recruitment