•  Residency Verification

    The School City of Hobart will conduct the mandatory residency verification process for the entire school district prior to the start of the school year. Every family with students in the Hobart school system will be required to prove the location of their legal settlement. A parent or legal guardian must be present at registration to complete this process. Your cooperation is appreciated.

    Your registration will not be complete until residency is verified! 


    -A valid Indiana Driver's License (or State ID) listing your current 
    Hobart address,


    -Two (2) RECENT utility bills showing both name and address,


    -If you OWN a home: mortgage papers, purchase agreement, or 
    property tax statement; AND one (1) RECENT utility bill showing 
    both name and address.

    -If you RENT or LEASE: a copy of the rental/lease agreement, 
    including the name and phone number of the owner/landlord;
    AND one (1) RECENT utility bill showing both name and address.

    If you are residing at someone else's residence and do not have proof of residence in your name, you and the person you are residing with MUST complete an Affidavit Supporting Residence each year. * Affidavits Supporting Residence can be completed at the Administration Building located at 32 East 7th Street behind Hobart Middle School beginning July 5, 2017.  Office will be open on Monday thru Thursday, 7:00am-4:30pm to complete the Residency Affidavit.

    *By signing this affidavit you agree under penalty of perjury that the 
    information provided is true and accurate.

    Parent’s Responsibility—You must provide a valid Indiana Driver's License (or State ID) with your current address that is listed on the Affidavit.

    Resident’s Responsibility (person you are living with)—They must provide a minimum of three (3) items listed above to prove their residence, including a valid Indiana Driver's License (or State ID).

    For further information regarding residency verification, call 
    (219) 942-8885 Ext. 1

    The School City of Hobart does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information or disability, including limited English proficiency.