• Leveled Testing with NWEA:
    Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

    The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to helping all children learn. NWEA provides research-based assessments, professional training, and consulting services to improve teaching and learning.

    Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) are state-aligned computerized adaptive tests that accurately reflect the instructional level of each student and measure growth over time.  Beginning the Fall 2009, the Kindergarten and first grade students will begin taking the MAP testing for primary grades (MPG).  This assessment is specifically designed for Kindergarten and first graders, specifically it includes audio for questions and answer choices. 

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    NWEA believes in an assessment that:
    • Gives a child the chance for success.
    • Students find engaging.
    • Respects classroom time.
    • Provides useful information.

    MAP tests provide highly accurate results that can be used to:

    • Identify the skills and concepts individual students have learned.
    • Diagnose instructional needs.
    • Monitor academic growth over time.
    • Make data-driven decisions at the classroom, school, and district levels.
    • Place new students into appropriate instructional programs.

    Understanding NWEA Scores:


    Goal Score Translation Chart

    Student Self-Assessment for Conference

    Normative Data Charts

    Readling RIT Question Chart
    Language Usage RIT Question Chart
    Math RIT Question Chart

    Placement Guidelines

    Test items dynamically adjust to a student's performance level, and as a result, test scores are more accurate.

    The assessment itself is unique in that it adapts to the student's ability, accurately measuring what a child knows and needs to learn. In addition, MAP tests measure academic growth over time, independent of grade level or age. Most importantly, the results educators receive have practical application to teaching and learning.