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    Odyssey personalizes the learning experience for each student and scaffolds all activities to support students as they work through instructional content.  Online courses differ for each grade level.  Elementary and middle school offers unique learning paths based on NWEA scores.  Teachers can also prepare lessons and tutorials for student.  The activities can consist of lesson extensions and for remediation.  At the high school level, Compass Learning Odyssey will be used for mainstream courses and credit recovery.

    Guides to Using Compass  Learning Odyssey


    Student Access and Login Information

    Elementary logins are based on the child's ID number. A student will enter his/her ID number for the login and pass code at the elementary level.  (This is the same ID number that is used for STI Home+)
    Middle and High School Students will use their ID number for the login and the 4 digit PIN number for lunch as the password.

    What is Available to Students?
    Students have access to Brain Buzzers, LA extensions, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Thematic Projects.  The curriculum that is offered to your child is at his/her grade level.  As your child completes assignments the program will monitor the progress and adjust levels according to the students needs.   Below is a picture of the students curriculum once they login.

    Technical Questions and Answers about Compass Learning

    Q: May I maximize Odyssey screens?

    A:  You can maximize or resize all Odyssey screens. CompassLearning recommends that you leave the screens at their default and original size.

    Q: My pop up blocker is preventing Odyssey from opening windows.

    A:  Disable any thirdparty popup blocker installed on a workstation. The popup blocker in Windows XP SP2 must also be disabled. Odyssey requires the capability to have at least two browser windows open simultaneously.

    Q: May I use keyboard shortcuts?

    A: When you are using Odyssey, avoid browser keyboard shortcuts, such as F11, F3 (find), and F5 (refresh). Use the Odyssey navigation buttons instead of the function keys (keys across the top of the keyboard). One exception to this is using the F8 function key for displaying closed captions in some Language Arts 3 8 activities (see below).

    Q: Does Odyssey offer closed captions?

    A: Yes, for Odyssey Language Arts 38 activities in these chapters:

    Vocabulary Skills

    Process Skills: Think Alouds


    State Simulation Assessments

    To display closed captions for these activities, students may press the F8 function key.

    Q: May I use the Delete key?

    A: When you are using Odyssey, do not press the Delete key. Instead, use Odysseys back buttons.

    Q: Does Odyssey use right click or Controlclick shortcuts?

    A: When you are using Odyssey, do not use rightclick (Windows) or Controlclick (Mac) shortcuts. Use Odysseys buttons and menu items instead.

    Q: Does Odyssey respond to doubleclicks?

    A: Avoid multiple clicking in Odyssey. All Odyssey functions are initiated by single mouse clicks.