• Important details regarding ISTEP+ Spring 2015 Rescore Information….  

    • Parent Network – Window for Rescore Requests
      ·  The window for parents/guardians to request rescores in the Parent Network is as follows: 

    Monday, Nov. 9


    Friday, Nov. 13

    8:00 a.m. Eastern

    11:59 p.m. Eastern

    •  If parents misplace the Invitation Code…
         ·  As indicated on the Invitation Code Letter, parents/guardians may seek technical assistance with the Parent Network site by calling 800-481-4769 or via email at support@ctb.com 
    • If parents have forgotten their login Username or Password…
         · The fastest way for parents to obtain assistance is by clicking on the “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password?” areas on the Parent Network homepage. 

    • If parents do not have computer access…
          ·  Schools can invite parents to come to the school and use a computer there, or at a public library. 

    • If parents do not speak English…
         ·  The Invitation Code is in both English and Spanish, and the rescore-related computer screens are in English.  Schools are encouraged to invite parents to come to the school to use a computer and receive assistance, if needed, particularly if the parents do not speak English.

    • Undetermined Scores
         ·  Parents may request a rescore for one or more of the items, even if a student’s score is Undetermined.
         ·  Data clean-up is part of CTB’s process, and we usually do not release scores this early.  All of the scores that can be resolved, will be resolved, prior to the release of final data in December.

    • Science / Social Studies Cut Scores
         ·  Please click here for the ISTEP+ Science and Social Studies cut scores. 
                  o  These cut scores are not new and have not changed.