• Behavior and Reward Plans


    I expect your child to BE KIND, WORK HARD, and to STAY SAFE.  Students should make their dear teacher happy, by listening to what I say AND obeying the first time they are told.  Throughout the school year we will talk about their choices (and that every choice has a consequence) and my expectations.  I expect to see patience, caring, and hard work each and every day.  We also promote pro-kindness.

     This is your child's behavior plan.  Each day they will color their calendar that is located on the back of their take-home folder.  Students will be given one verbal warning before making their choice to turn a color.  I will do my best to indicate any issues, especially repeated issues.  I do allow students to move back up the chart when they are working hard or showing kindness.  Any severe issues where students are putting themselves, others, or property in danger (or consistently causing a disruption in the learning environment), they will be sent to the principal.  All days on red or orange, and visits to the principal will be kept in Harmony. 

    Blue - I got caught showing kindness repeatedly throughout the day and I receive a chain link
    Purple - I showed kindness or set a good example and got caught!  I get a ticket. 
    Green - We all start here and I made good choices throughout the day.
    Yellow - I received a verbal warning and still made the choice again.  WARNING
    Red - Oops, I am getting a note home on my calendar.  I owe 5 minutes of reward recess.  I will try harder tomorrow.
    Orange - I am stuck.  I had a rough day and made several bad choices.  I cannot move up.  I may have visited the principal.  I will fill out a behavior form and think about how to make better choices tomorrow!  I owe my whole reward recess. 

    At the end of the month, students can turn in their calendars for a prize.  Different amounts of colors will earn them different prizes.  A small amount of green/purple/blue boxes, will earn them a pencil.  A medium amount of green boxes will earn them a prize from the box.  A large amount of green boxes will earn them a choice from the box or some other in-class prizes.  Numbers will vary based on days of the month, and I will expect more from the students as the year progresses.  These calendars can be found inside of their daily folder, which will be sent home at the end of each day.  Please initial the calendar box for the day so that I can see you are checking your child’s behavior for the day.  :o)

     * Students are also receiving a ticket every time I see them following a procedure!  It's great!  Every other Friday, they can turn them in for prizes!

      Thank you for all your support!  Remember, this is a team effort!

Last Modified on August 6, 2014