• Our Trip to the Apple Orchard

    Here we have some pictures from our first study trip to the apple orchard!  We learned how apple seeds grow into apple blossoms, which then turn into apple trees.  Bees help carry the pollen needed to make apples.  We even learned how machines help package the apples, and how to make apple cider.  The students had so much fun picking the apples and learning about the different animals there at the orchard too!  When we came back, we enjoyed a delicious snack of apple donuts and apple cider.

    All week long we have studied about apples, how trees grow, learned about weight and comparing weight using apples, size with apples, numbers with apples...boy, apples sure can be used for a lot of things!

    I hope you are also enjoying your class apple recipe book!

Last Modified on November 4, 2014