• Our School/Classroom Procedures
    Parents: Here is a list of our daily procedures that we practice starting the beginning of the school year.  Please go over them with your child to help them become a a part of their daily routine and to help them stay on GREEN!
     Morning Procedures
    Hang up your backpack, put coat inside backpack
    Put your cold lunch on top of locker
    Bring in your red folder
    Check your red folder for any notes
    Move your lunch card
    Put your folder in your mailbox
    Sit at your table and start Morning Work quietly
    Carpet Procedures
    Walk to the carpet
    Sit like a pretzel
    Eyes to the teacher, Ears open, Mouths closed, Hands in your lap, Ready to be an Active Listener
    Recess Procedures
    No rough play-Tackling-Pushing-Fighting
    Go down slides not up them
    Line up when the bell is rung or whistle blown
    Table and Center Procedures
    Keep your hands to yourself
    Work quietly and neatly at your table
    Clean up your mess and put your supplies away
    Talk quietly to friends and be an Active Listener when an adult is talking
    Bathroom Procedures
    Wait your turn patiently
    Do your business
    Use 1-2 squirts of soap
    Push the paper towel handle 2 times
    Throw away your paper towel
    Keep hands to yourself while waiting
    Hallway Procedures
    Hands to yourself-not on walls or lockers
    Eyes forward.  Watch where you are going
    Follow the person in front of you to make a straight line
    Voices off
    Give the "Lucky Look"
    No Running!
    Drinking Fountain Procedures
    Wait your turn
    Take a quick drink because others are waiting
    No pushing or cutting in line
    When you are finished, walk to your classroom
    Keep hands to yourself while waiting
     End of the Day Procedures
    Get your backpack, lunch and coat out of your locker
    Get all the papers in your mailbox and put them IN your red folder
    Color your calendar about behavior (green, yellow or red)
    Put everything in your backpack
    Sit quietly at your table
     Give Me "5"
     We count down from 5 and when an adult gets to 1, we should be Active Listeners!