• Each year I like for the students to participate in a community service project as a way of giving back to this great community.  It also is a great way for students to work together toward a common goal and learn caring and compassion for other people.  And, its a great way to practice our math skills in a hands on, real life activity!
    In coordination with our 100th day of kindergarten, our class has 100 Cans of Caring.  I ask each student to bring in at least 3 cans of food, either soup, vegetable, or fruit.  Each day we count and graph our donations.  Our goal is to have at least 100 cans by our 100th day of school.  With the help of a shopping cart donated by Strack & Van Till, the students enjoy seeing the cans fill the cart each day!  Our cans are then donated to the Hobart Food Pantry and given to families in need.
       cans of caring                                                                   class cans of caring
                 10 bags of food going to the food pantry!