• Invested
    Feeling overwhelmed with questions and decisions about college? Take a look at www.investedindiana.org.  
    INvestEd is a free resource for Hoosier students and parents looking for help with college planning and financial aid.  At INvestEd, we help families understand how to fund college wisely to help minimize potential education debt.
    InvestEd will help you get on the right track to have a successful college education, but also be better prepared financial when you graduate from college and start being on your own! It offers guidance and advice for students that will help them make smarter choices and get them on the right path. Parents, your little kiddo is heading off to college! But how will you afford it? This website will help you learn your options and help you figure it all out. Finally, it will also educate you with other information that will help assist all of you with making smarter, informed decisions about furthering your education. 
    INvested College Planning