• 529 Savings Plan

    What is a 529 Savings Plan?

    The CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings Plan is a smart, flexible, and affordable way to help you give the gift of education.
    • Open and account for only $10!
    • Anyone can make contributions to your student's 529 in a variety of ways, such as payroll deductions, automatic investments, electronic funds transfer, Upromise, or Ugift.
    • These funds can be used for eligible higher education expenses at schools across the country: tuition, books and supplies, certain room and board costs, mandatory fees, and more!
    • CollegeChoice 529 offers valuable advantages such as tax-deferred growth, attractive investment options, and professional investment management. 
    • As account owner, you retain control of your funds!
    • Parent Handout for 529 Savings Plan
    Easy online enrollment and management at collegechoicedirect.com
    You could win $529 in a 529 Saving Plan!
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