• The High School Art class put on an Art Show and showed off their talent and imaginations! They were judged based on there class and 2D and 3D artwork. Check out this years winners! Amazing Talent!

     Freshman and Sophomore 2D Winners Junior and Senior 2D Winners

    First Place : Luna Hard
    9/10 1st 2D

    First Place: Alexis Moncada and Kate Schmelter
    11/12 1st 2D 11/12 1st 2D

    2nd Place: Danae Bradshaw

    9/10 2nd 2D

    2nd Place: Trisha Mariano and Kara Blazkiewicz
    11/12 2nd 2D 11/12 2nd 2D

    3rd Place: Jovanni Olivarria

    9/10 3rd 2D

    3rd Place: Kate Bonner and Emily Doolin
    11/12 3rd 2D 11/12 3rd 2D
    Freshman and Sophomore 3D WinnersJunior and Senior 3D Winners   

    1st Place: Luna Hard 

    9/10 1st 3D

    1st Place : Paije Pokrzwa and Alexis Moncada
    11/12 1st 3D 11/12 1st 3D

    2nd Place: Molly Bonner
    9/10 2nd 3D

    2nd Place: Kate Bonner
    11/12 2nd 3D

    3rd Place: Victoria Ayala

    9/10 3rd 3D

    3rd Place: Jamie Dykstra and Lee Winn
    11/12 3rd 3D 11/12 3rd 3D
    Best of Show Winner:

    Paije Pokrzwa!

    Best of Show