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    The Lady Brickies have been working hard this season and it sure pays off! The girls competed in the Viking Invite which consisted of 11 different schools. In each of our grades we had ladies place in the top 15! Way to go girls, we are proud of you! 

    For our 6th Grade girls, we had 3 place in the top 15. 
       - Delaney O'Brien - 8th place
       - Claire Bordowitz - 9th place
       - Lily Butler - 13th place
    For our 7th Grade girls, we had 1 place in the top 15.
       - Avianna Rossetti - 13th place
    For our 8th grade girls, we had 3 place in the top 15.
       - Christina Shaginaw - 3rd place
       - Holly Shaginaw - 12th place
       - Elena Polizotto - 15th place

    "All My Life I Want To Be A Brickie! Work! Work! Work!"

    To finish the season off right, Christina Shaginaw ran strong and reached her personal record! She placed 2nd place overall in 8th grade at the Cross Country Conference! Way to go Christina, we are proud of you! 

    Christina 2nd Place