• Miss Betty Funkhouser proudly accepts the Rachel's Challenge Kindness Award! 
    Thais and Betty  

    Let's start this beautifully inspirational story from the beginning, acknowledging Miss Thais Carrillo who was diagnosed at a young age with cerebral palsy. Thais has always had a positive attitude about the challenges this disease has brought and works hard everyday to do her very best. She is kind, thoughtful and shines brightly with her personality and smile. It was to know surprise that when Miss Funkhouser ran a marathaon raising money for cerebral palsy, she ran it in honor of Thais. Shortly after, Dr. Buffington received this email from Thais,

    "Today I received an amazing surprise from the gym teacher, Betty Funkhouser! She went to visit her sister in Arizona, and they did a marathon together there. It was a hot, stuffy and crowded day. She did not know that it was to raise funds for research of Cerebral Palsy, but when she found out, she ran in honor of me and won first place! Although it was a bit difficult to stay strong with the weather conditions, she told me that she pushed through and won just for me! A million thank you's for her aren't enough!! She even gave me her first place medal, backpack, t-shirt and pens that she won! She also gave me a beautiful letter she wrote. My family and I are so grateful and inspired bu all her kindness and help she has given me, and everyone she meets! I thank her so much and thought she should be recognized for this outstanding act of kindness! She is a beautiful woman inside and out, that is a perfect role model of what kindness and determination are!"
    As a school we are aware that Miss Funkhouser exudes kindness and is always lending a helping hand, but even when no one is watching she continues to amaze us with her compassion. This year the school system wanted to acknowledge Miss Funkhouser and rewarded her with a National Kindness Award that simply stated, 

    "You are an inspiration to us all from the outstanding acts of kindness you do. You are beautiful inside and out and represent the perfect role model of what kindness and determination can be. Congratulations to an amazing teacher and coach!"
     Both of these ladies have kind hearts and compassion for others. You both represent a perfect example of what a Brickie is!  
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