• 16th Annual First Lego League Invitational!


    Our amazing Brickie Robotics Team competed in this years competition who's mission was to "focus on researching many ways people learn and then helping them remember the information for a longer period of time using innovative solutions". Over 20 teams consisting of 9-14 year olds came together at the Hammond Area Career Center for an amazing event with cheers so loud they were deafening. Each team competed in 3 major activities - robot design, care values and project judging. Part of what Hobart did was create a project to teach people how to play chess! The robots and display board our Brickies made were very creative and well designed. They scored a total of 160 points accomplishing the victory for the year! Congrats on the 1st place win! Also, thank you Mrs. Germann and Mrs. Fugate for sponsoring the club! 
    The team consisted of these great Brickies:
    Nathan Fox
    Nicholas Sanchez
    Jorge Gaytan Lopez
    Max Jancich
    Alondra Robles
    Peter Dooling
    Jerry Fuller
    Kevin Ray
    Mentor - Robert Fox
    Coaches - Beth Germann & Kellie Fugate 

    NWI Times Article - Innovative ideas on display at First Lego League contest - 11/15/14