• Mobile Devices & Privacy

    It's important to keep your information safe and secure, and that can be difficult with so much of your information stored on mobile devices that communicate regularly on wireless networks and the Internet.  Checking your devices to make sure privacy settings are set appropriately is critical to keeping yourself safe and your information secure.
    If you are a parent and your child uses a smartphone or other mobile device, it's crucial that you check the settings to make sure that your child is not inadvertently transmitting information that he/she wouldn't want to send.  Devices and apps collect data and transmit the data in different ways that may not always be acceptable.  Check the phone settings, and always read what settings are being accessed when you download apps.
    Check social media settings on your devices and make sure privacy settings are set appropriately.  Sites/apps like Facebook and Instagram allow you to adjust profiles to make your profiles and posts private so that only people you choose can see what you post.
    Apps that you download to mobile devices will want to access information on the device.  Sometimes you will be able to deny the app access to the data.  If you have the ability to prevent an app from accessing information, prevent it.
    If you have an app that has location services, you can shut them off to prevent the app from tracking you with the mobile devices GPS or other means.  Similarly, you can shut off a device's GPS if it has one. 
    Get more information about Internet Privacy and Safety at Common Sense Media (www.commonsensemedia.org).
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