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    Reading and Writing
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    The School City of Hobart's elementary schools are affiliates of 
    The Teachers College 
    Reading & Writing Project
    at Columbia University in New York. 
    The Teachers College Reading & Writing Project is founded and directed by Lucy McCormick Calkins, Professor of Education at Teachers College. 

    The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project is a research and staff development organization housed at Teachers College Columbia University. The teacher-educators who staff the Project are involved in long-lasting collaborations with teachers across New York City, in communities surrounding the metropolitan area, and across the United States. The goal of the Project is to support expert literacy instruction within our schools through research, writing and professional development of teachers and school leaders.

    At the core of the Project's methodology is a commitment to working directly with teachers, administrators, and students in customized professional development programs. In each of our member schools, a Project staff developer joins teachers in the messy, human, complex work of establishing rigorous reading and writing workshops in their classrooms. These reading and writing workshops function as bases out of which teachers build new images of what is possible in their classrooms, and this literacy teaching becomes the entry point for helping teachers make and sustain fundamental changes in all their classroom practices.

    Reading and writing workshops function as a foundation out of which teachers build new images of what is possible in their classrooms and schools. In writing workshops, students learn to observe their lives and the world around them, and to collect, draft, revise, and publish well-crafted narrative and expository texts. In reading workshops, students are explicitly taught the strategies and habits of effective reading. They learn to talk, think and write well about their reading, and to live richly literate lives.

    roject staff developers work in any given school for 10-30 days throughout the year. During each of these days, staff developers provide collaborative coaching for several clusters of teachers. We do this by working with the groups of teachers in each of several classrooms called lab-sites. In each lab-site, the staff developer works with students and teachers so that participating teachers can learn the structures, methods and expectations for a rigorous workshop. Teachers and staff developers co-author literacy curriculum (or units of study). Between staff developer visits, teachers continue and extend the work, supported by the Project's sequence of conference days and leadership groups, all of which are aligned with the work teachers develop in their classrooms.

    The School City of Hobart has trained Literacy Coordinators that assist teachers in the work of Teachers College. In addition, they share their literacy expertise.

    Overview of the Year for Elementary Readers:
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    2nd Graders
    3rd Graders
    4th Graders
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    Overview of the Year for Elementary Writers: 

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