• Hobart High School's PLTW visits Urschel Laboratories!

    PLTW Group

    Hobart High School's teacher Brent Vermeulen with Assistant Principal, Nikki Neeley and Office of Student Placement, Ryan Turley took 30 PLTW Engineering students to Urschel Laboratories and got to see first hand a real manufacturing plant! During this trip the students were able to see how big and small machinery was made and talk to several great machinists on the floor. It opened the eyes of a lot of students to be able to see first hand real world examples of what they learn in class and different engineering and manufacturing jobs!

    Urschel Laboratories contacted us to thank HHS for the opportunity to share their company with our PLTW Engineering class! They said the PLTW class is terrific and expressed that with the great questions and the HS students being dressed for success the class truly represented their education and interest in manufacturing technologies! Great job to our HS students for representing us Brickies!