• Hobart High School's PLTW Regatta Boat Race! 

    Mr. Brent Vermeulen's PLTW Engineering and Technology class designed cardboard boats to race in our swimming pool! Twelve Seniors were split into four teams and given the task to create a cardboard boat that they had to fit in and row across the pool. The catch?  They could only use cardboard and paper tape! They used the design process to become experts in cardboard, paper tape and creating small prototype models that they 3D printed before building their boats! It was a long process but successful! The PLTW program and students gained so much knowledge from this experience! To top it off, the entire 8th grade class was able to join and cheer for their favorite boat and enjoyed the experience as well. It got them excited about their future at Hobart High School and the opportunities that await them.

    Congrats to "The Delivery Boat" for successfully rowing down and back to win the race! The team included: Carlos Salgado, Gabriella Acosta and Todd Burns! 
    Check out these photos from the race! Great job to everyone!