• SLYCE02 Class of 2014
    South Shore Leadership Youth for Community Engagement


    Like many parts of our nation, Northwest Indiana has a great challenge in developing leadership for its future. Many of our youth go away to school and never return to be part of our communities. Others participate at local universities and in training programs only to find that they do not know how to become involved in a meaningful way within their community. And then there are those young people, who become so busy with their jobs and personal lives that they never discover the path to becoming an engaged and caring citizen. 

    The aim of the SLYCE Program is to find our high potential youth, teach them about leadership, help them explore their personal attributes, and connect them to existing and future leaders. The purpose of the SLYCE Program is to empower youthful participants to be change agents and servant leaders preparing them for civic involvement in their communities.

    Every year the SLYCE Program will help develop 45-50 divers, high-potential, young adults who will leave the program knowing and believing that they live in the region with great assets, conquerable challenges, and the necessary resources to improve the quality of life. No matter if they go away form their education and early experiences or stay here, they have become connected to a network of other youth from all over the region and they have developed relationships with a vast array of adult community leaders who will help them achieve their goals. As a partnership, the will be unstoppable.        - The South Shore Leadership Center

     Kaylee Kaylee Gubricky - is a Senior and enjoys rock climbing and being outdoors. Kaylee is very adventurous and athletic. She is on the Varsity Cross Country , Swimming, and Track teams, and participates on the Raider and academic team in Junior ROTC, where she is a Platoon leader. Kaylee volunteers for community service projects, while maintaining a 4.1 GPA. In the future she plans to become an engineer. Kaylee is very competitive and perseverant. 
     David  David Kostbade - is a Junior. He is a dedicated student, varsity football player, varsity wrestler, and track runner. David is a HHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes club member. He participates in community events such as "Footin' for a Cure" cancer walk and Hobart Spring Festival. 
     Maya  Maya Villalobos - is a Junior and a hard working honors student who is creative and imaginative. Her favorite subject is Chemistry and her hobbies include drawing and painting. She is passionate about working with children and is employed at Bellaboos Play and Discovery Center in Lake Station. She wishes to attend IUN or Ball State for Nurse Anesthesia. 
    Molly Zakutansky - is a Senior. Her dream is to become a veterinarian. She is a dedicated students who loves science, and has earned many academic and athletic awards. Molly is on the soccer and swimming teams and hopes to earn a captain position next season. Molly works as a lifegaurd and swim instructor and is also part of FCA and Team LEAD. She enjoys scrapbooking and church youth group. Molly hopes to become a stronger leader everyday and positively impact those around her.