my page
          Hi! I'm Mrs. Hamilton, also known as Mrs. H, the assistant coordinator in the HHS Media Center/Library. I enjoy meeting and working with our students and helping them access print and digital information for various projects and reading, as well as helping them utilize School City technology for classwork.
           I also serve as director of our school textbook program and manage the high school website. A fun part of my job is to coordinate and promote school information from sources such as teachers, clubs, sports teams, etc to create the daily announcements, then to share this information via other media such as the HHS website, the school's electronic signboard and other district boards.
           I've been married to husband Kent for over 30 years; we have two wonderful daughters and son-in-laws plus an awesome grandson. Besides family, my favorite things include dancing, music, books and reading, music, gardening, crafting, photography, and funny/goofy stuff.  
            Favorite projects have included developing the script, musical lyrics and choreography for several school productions including the annual Murder Mystery and the HHS Talent Show; I also write parodies for special occasions. I belong to Hobart Tri Kappa, which supports many charitable projects in our community, and am a past president and director of the Hobart Education Foundation, an organization of community, business, and school volunteers dedicated to the support of education to benefit students, teachers, and the School City of Hobart. 
           Even though I am not from Hobart, I love the sense of community and family I have found here, and am proud to call Hobart home.

          Lake George