What is the SAT?

    The SAT is the Scholastic Aptitude Test.  This test is used by colleges and universities to aid in the admission process.  The purpose of the test is to see how students from across the nation compare.  The test is used as a predictor of how well an individual might be expected to perform during his or her first year of college.

    What is tested on the SAT?

    There are three components to the SAT;  Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Essay.  Each component is worth up to 800 points for a combined score of 2400 points.

    Who should take the SAT?

    All college bound juniors should take the SAT at the end of their junior year.  Many students will take the test twice.  This allows them to take the test for the second time at the beginning of their senior year, before they start applying to colleges.

    2016-2017 TEST DATES

    Test Date             Registration Deadline
    October 1   September 1 

    November 5   October 7  
    December 3   November 3  
    January 21   December  21 
    March 11   February 10   
    May 6   April 7  
    June 3   May 9  
    Where can I get more information on the SAT?
    More information can be found at http://www.collegeboard.org/