•  Hayley
    Hobart High School Junior   
    Class of 2016 

    There are many words you can use to describe this young lady. A few would be supportive, selfless, positive, motivating, kind and the list goes on. Hayley is a Junior at HHS and successful academically and athletically. She is a contributing player on the girls Varsity Basketball Team and makes such a great impact on her team mates and coaches that she was contacted at the beginning of the school year by one of her old coaches from the Middle School, Coach Funkhouser. The reason? This year at the Middle School there was a lovely young lady in 6th grade that loves running and joined the cross country team, Alyssa Candiano. However, in order for her to run she needed a guide runner. Alyssa is legally blind. Coach Funkhouser didn't hesitate and knew exactly who to ask and as expected, Hayley didn't hesitate either. Before she knew it, Alyssa was competing in all the races and inspiring countless number of people. But by her side the entire time was Hayley - encouraging, motivating, supporting, guiding and coaching her at every practice and every race. Hayley also found the time in between her pre-season basketball workouts, cross country practices and attending ALL the meets,  to be a member of DECA and helped distribute bags of food donations to the Food Pantry.  She is a true leader in both the classroom and athletics. We are Proud to have you as a Brickie!
    Her Teacher's had great things to say about Hayley!
    " Hayley is an excellent student, person and leader. She excels in the classroom an in athletics. She has outstanding character and is very helpful with other students. She is extremely helpful to younger players on the basketball team and is an outstanding role model."

    "Hayley is a wonderful young lady. In my class she literally sparkles! She is incredibly positive and supportive of others. As a member of DECA, she gave up a Saturday to help distribute bags for food donations to the Food Pantry. I am truly impressed by her self-less giving -- cross country running with a darling legally blind middle schooler. Wow!"

    " Hayley is an excellent student and athlete who is also a very giving and compassionate person. Hayley's presence and positive attitude along with her competitive spirit not only helped Alyssa but encourages all of the girls on the entire team! Hayley lives what she believes, giving of herself to help another individual accomplish their goal. She is truly "Someone You Should Know"!"

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    Alyssa and Hayley are going strong! Their dedication and courage has inspired so many!  Recently she and her amazing runner, Alyssa, went to do a radio interview! The experience was awesome! Check out the photo below !

    Alyssa and Hayley at the radio station!