•  Hailey
    Hobart High School Senior
    Class of 2015 

    Haliey Coubal is an extraordinary student in two ways:

    First, Haliey shows great kindness and compassion to all students. She encourages others with genuine praise and appreciation; she tries to help all of her classmates in any way possible. For example, when a student returns from an absence, she immediately offers to lend that student her class notes. Another example is her willingness to help others through her artistic talents. Sometimes students ask for her help on projects that need some sketching, and Haliey is always will to lend a hand. She helped her class (and her teacher) by introducing them to the iPad app called Flashcards +. Another great quality that her teachers admire is that even though she is a senior, she is equally gracious to her freshman, sophomore and junior classmates. 

    Second, Haliey has determined to improve her academic record and she does so with diligence. She studies hard for all assessments. She gives 110% in class. She asks timely questions for clarification which cause discussions that edify the whole class. One of her teachers stated, "What I have most admired about Haliey's work ethic is her stick-to-itiveness."