•  Kyle Smith
    Early Learning Center at George Earle
    Class of 2027

    Here is why this young man is Someone You Should Know...
    Kyle Smith is an outstanding little boy in Kindergarten with the drive, determination and motivation to accomplish BIG goals. His most current goal? To read 1,001 books before the end of the school year. It will take lots of time, hard work, focus, and attention but Kyle, at the big age of 5 where reading is still very new to many, is determined to complete it. He has worked hard, reading every night and naturally started to love it. Remarkably, on  February 24, 2015, he accomplished his goal! Kyle blew it out of the water finishing 1,001 books well before the end of the school year! To have Kyle, at the young age of 5, accomplish such a feat is inspiring. We can all learn from him and make bigger goals for ourselves to reach, and because of this Kyle is Someone You Should Know. 
    Kyle Smith  Kyle getting the award!