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    NPR science reporter slated to speak at Michigan City talk

    MICHIGAN CITY | A National Public Radio science reporter with a knack for making scientific principles come alive will speak at the next Sinai Forum lecture.

    Radio host and author Robert Krulwich will present "Making Medical Science WONDER-ful" at 7 p.m. on Nov. 8.

    As co-host of NPR's Radio Lab, correspondent for NPR's science unit and special correspondent for ABC News, Krulwich is known as an expert at explaining complex issues in a clear, compelling and entertaining style.

    Krulwich captivates his audiences while making use of vivid images and unusual examples, such as the time he explained the structure of DNA using a banana or creating his own Italian Opera, "Ratto Interesso" to explain how the Federal Reserve regulates interest rates.

    In 2007, the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine gave Radio Lab its top honor for excellence in communicating science to the general public.

    Krulwich pioneered the use of animation on ABC's Nightline, World News and on NPR's internet site to explore cellular biology and subprime lending.

    The lecture series is presented by Purdue University North Central. The sponsor for this program is the Duneland Health Council.

    The program takes place at Elston Middle School, 317 Detroit St. Subscription tickets may be purchased at the door or via credit card by calling (219) 785-5697. Students with valid ID are admitted free.

    For more information, visit sinaiforum.org.